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The Walk

The Walk



Phoenix Market City (Chennai) is a shopping mall developed by Phoenix Mills Limited, located in the Velachery neighbourhood of Chennai. It was opened in January 2013 and is one of the largest malls in the city. The management invited us to design a new plan to redevelop their outdoor space, The Walk.

Our design strategy ties together a series of F&B units into a cohesive outdoor experience zone. The proposed structure hosts moments of articulation that activate various different kinds of live events, varying in scale from an intimate space to a social space to a larger event space.

The Architectural Story Slit One

By using a combination of spatial design and landscaping, we create a cohesive layering of experience.

The Architectural Story Slit Three

The structure functions as a shelter from the sun, a place to hang out and a wayfinding device leading to moments of interaction.

The Architectural Story Slit Four
The Architectural Story Slit Five