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Movement Garden

Movement Garden


Co-author: Tamim Negm

The Jardin De Villars experience is one rooted in nature and surrounded by vegetation. The aim is to create a unique lifestyle experience within this stunning landscape, where leisure and engagement are in balance; where golfers and non-golfers have the opportunity to enjoy the carefully devised layers of ‘experience gardens’.

The proposal formulates a strategy where architecture is quite simply a framework for amplifying the strengths of the site. This is made possible by creating a ‘movement path’ along the contours of the site.

The Architecture Story The Brazil Experience Pavilion One

The ‘movement path’ traverses through the garden grid and hence is always at the intersection of the low lying architectural volumes and the ‘experience gardens’. The ‘movement path’ becomes the primary tool to design a range of experiences from scaled up golf lawns to intimate courtyard gardens.

The Architecture Story The Brazil Experience Pavilion Two