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Cosmic Yantra

Cosmic Yantra

Installation Design


Our design draws inspiration from the Tantric geometry of the Sri Yantra, symbolising the origin of creation. Cosmic Yantra is both an installation and an interactive sculpture that the Burning Man festival community can engage with.

The installation starts with a simple triangular form and multiplies it to eight, forming the encapsulating spokes that are connected at the fulcrum, held together with a dome that suspends a mirror structure. Above the base there lies a net like fabric which acts as a communal hammock.

The Architecture Story Super Kitchen

The base is composed of two intersecting squares with eight vertex shapes denoting the intersection of the cultural differences of our subjective realities.

The Architectural Story Super Kitchen Three

The circular open-ended shape suggests a sense of inclusion drawing in community to interact, to participate in discussion, to self-express – Bindu – the centre – acts as the origin of potentials and balancing point.

The Architectural Story Super Kitchen Four
The Architectural Story Super Kitchen Five