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- Post Pandemic Work Spaces

In the light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have been researching the changing form of office spaces. How will the work space alter in a post pandemic reality? What are the ways we need to adapt our physical reality, considering both short term as well as long term solutions? How can we re-think the office space to suit the needs of a particular industry while bearing in mind the new safety precautions.

Our study focuses on points of interaction within the work place, reducing contact as well as bearing in mind the need for people to feel safe and confident within their environment. Many workers are keen to get back to work and be a part of a community, the real psychological impact of long term periods of isolation is yet to be seen. It is a tricky threshold to navigate how we can regain our freedom of movement while also keeping a necessary distance with others in order to protect our communities as a whole.

We have identified a series of devices, both object driven and spatial, that when implemented will allow a work place to follow protocols of safety while also upholding a sense of community.

Experiments in Gramshaving

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